Why do the charts have different prices on here compared to the prices shown on facebook/instagram ?

Back in 2015 the EU changed it’s vat rules for digital downloads. For every digital download I now need to charge the buyer VAT then pass it on directly to the buyers country.

The website prices are shown INCLUSIVE of VAT (as required by EU law). I have set up facebook & instagram to have the prices showing the price including a UK vat rate of 20%, so if VAT does not apply in your country or the rate is not 20%, then the price you will see will be different to that shown on facebook.

In Summary:
The prices for the actual patterns are the same, but one (facebook/instagram) has UK vat (20%) applied and the price you will be seeing is the price including the vat rate for digital downloads for your own country.

NB: Paddle, my Payment Processor, handles all of the VAT including charging, submitting & paying the vat to the countries required.